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The New One

Coulta has only known one life: the life of a slave, forced to carry out the cruel commands of a power-hungry lord with generations of anger raging behind his every action. The only friend and family he has ever had is the servant who raised him like an older sister would. The only things he has ever been able to count on are the orders to kill, and the agony it causes him.

But everything changes when he is ordered to assassinate Phelin’s Crown Prince. For the first time, he has the ability to make a choice, the right choice, and change his life for the better – but with that comes the risk of losing the only friend he’s ever had, and everything he stands to gain. His very choice may spark a civil war.

Or something like that.

VERY rough draft of the description for the new book, which is in editing stage now. I will most likely rewrite this description several more times before it gets stuck on the back of the book. It’s one of the crappiest parts of writing. These things are really hard to come up with.

But THE hardest part is coming up with a title. Yeah, this one has none, at the moment. Well, the working title has been simply Coulta, but I want something with more to it. I have a whole list of possible titles, but none are really standing out yet. Meh, reading it over completely will probably help. I’m not very far into the editing.

Also, I’m really tired, so that could make the description suck more. Promise, I’m working on it, I just wanted to get something up.


November 4, 2010 - Posted by | Writing

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