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Too Much Going On

Looks like I won’t be writing much tonight. Next up is a major scene and I want enough time to do it justice. School nights just don’t allow that. Stupid educational institution that will get me a good job eventually.

That’s pretty much why I completely forgot about Soundtrack Sunday yesterday – SO MUCH bloody business homework. Well, I shall post a video a day late, at the end of this random post.

I managed to finish reading two books today: Staying Power by Anne Somerville while waiting for my business law class to start – on my wonderful Kindle – and Lessons in Love by Charlie Cochrane when I needed a break from studying. Somerville’s book I loved, just like all her books, but Cochrane’s not so much. Don’t think I’ll be keeping with that series. And now I have my reading stats update:


Total books read: 9

Total pages read: 3954 (Kindle ebooks not included)

Days in the year: 66

Average pages read per day: 59.9


Yikes, I’m a machine this year. Anyway, time for some music! This song is for the main character from Vows. Enjoy.


March 7, 2011 - Posted by | Life, Reading, Soundtrack Sunday, Vows From Darkness, Writing

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