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Today was just…

Not fun.

I had two tests today, then I got rear-ended just two minutes after leaving campus. The guy in the car in front of me decided to slam on his brakes. I was lucky I managed to stop before hitting him, but the girl behind me wasn’t so lucky. In her defense, the roads were a bit slippery, as Mother Nature decided to throw some early-Spring snow at us today. My car was fine, as was I. Her car was not.

In better news, I am about to finish reading Lord of the White Hell by Ginn Hale tonight. I am really loving this book, and I already can’t wait to get the sequel into my greedy hands. So, in expectation of finishing the last ten pages or so after I get my homework done tonight, here’s an update to my reading stats:


Total books read: 11

Total pages read: 4675 (Kindle ebooks not included)

Days in the year: 82

Average pages read per day: 57.0


As you can see, my pages per day rate has gone down by over 2 pages. School likes to interfere with my reading life! And my writing life, come to think of it…

On a final note, check out this adorable commercial I just saw for the first time:


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