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It’s Sunday Once Again

Well, last night I got into bed at about 12:30 with the full intention of sleeping. But then I saw my Kindle sitting there next to my bed, and I remembered that I was 85% finished with the book on it – Home Ground by Ann Sommerville. Let’s just say it was almost 4:00AM by the time I actually went to bed. Here is my mini review of the book, from Goodreads:


Just like with every other book in the series, I loved this one. Ann Sommerville always impresses me with her ability to write such impressively long and involving stories that never fail to draw me in and keep me (even though the length makes it impossible to finish very quickly when life attacks, as it often does). The only issue I have (which isn’t even an issue, really) is that the relationship that forms at the end seems a bit anticlimactic compared to the other relationships in the series (Kei and Arman and Romi and Karik). That doesn’t take anything away from the book, in my opinion, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


Now I must find another Kindle ebook to read. Good thing I have a list.

And, because today is Sunday, here is a song for you. This one fits my WIP. Enjoy.


April 3, 2011 - Posted by | Reading, Soundtrack Sunday

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