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Finally Springtime!

It’s finally Spring in Upstate New York! It was almost 80 degrees today! It’s so awesomely exciting!

And, while I was waiting for my business law class, I finished reading another book on my Kindle: The Lost Son by Mychael Black.


Goodreads description:

One warrior, one sorcerer, and a legacy that will change their lives forever…

Secrets of Socendor, Book 1

In the world of Socendor, humans are forbidden from using magic and elves keep their distance.

Kalen Ysindroc has risen far from his humble beginnings as a blacksmith’s adopted son. Now the king’s general, he investigates reports of magic-wielding half-human, half-elven lithings sighted along the kingdom’s borders. It would be a lonely life, if not for the company of his best friend and long-time elven lover, Micheil Theirauf, the king’s sorcerer.

An attempt on Kalen’s life makes it clear to Micheil that there’s more afoot than random breaks in the land’s defenses. His lover is plagued by dreams no human should endure, and Micheil’s probe into Kalen’s subconscious reveals a past neither of them expected. And a future Kalen can’t escape.

Suddenly, everything Kalen never knew about his life is laid bare. A father possessed of terrible magical power. A half-brother who could be the family Kalen never had—or the catalyst that will rip Micheil out of his life forever…

…Goodreads link…


My opinion:

I really enjoyed reading this story. I think Black has a great writing style; the plot was engaging and the characters were interesting. Kalen and Michiel’s relationship is very touching (though the sex-on-horseback scene left me with a “what… the… heck just happened?” feeling) and I have to say that Michiel is my favorite character. There’s just something about him that is pretty darn awesome. Maybe I have an elf obsession. The only thing I’m wondering about is Kalen’s… I guess I’ll say creation. I’m not sure what exactly about it was so horrible, except the obvious mixing of races – there seems to be a hint that it was more than that. I’m hoping this is explained more thoroughly in the next part of the series.

I also feel as though the story would have been better done as a novel instead of a series of short stories. It’s not like the ebooks are that expensive, but I feel like I’m going to be investing a bit more money than I usually would in an ebook series just because I want to see what happens next. But I do want to know what happens next. Really badly.


April 11, 2011 - Posted by | Reading

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