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Review of Angels of the Deep

Goodreads description:

Becket Merriday is on the trail of a killer who is murdering beautiful young men in the small town of Irenic. What he discovers an ancient race of immortal beings hunted by an incredibly powerful adversary: the angel Mastema. Soon, Beck and his partner, Sean Logan, find themselves at the center of a deadly supernatural war.


It seems like everybody wants Beck. There’s his wife, Catherine, who doesn’t want to divorce him even though he can’t feel the same love for her that he used to. There’s Sean, who he happens to work with. Then there are the angels Mastema and Tamiel. Mastema is the servant of God, sent to Earth to hunt the Nephilim, the offspring of the angelic Watchers and moral women. And Tamiel is a Watcher dedicated to protecting the Nephilim.

Oh, and Beck is a Nephilim. (No spoilers here, it’s pretty obvious from the beginning.) But he doesn’t know it until Mastema shows up to kill him.

The coolest part about this story, in my opinion, was knowing who Beck actually was. What is actually drawing both Mastema and Tamiel to him is the human soul reborn in Beck, a soul that was once within the body of someone they both loved thousands of years ago. This ancient-love-reborn is by far my favorite aspect of the plot.

This book really is dark, starting with Beck’s shadowy past (in his current life), and ending with the choices he has to make and live with (for a very long time, since, you know, he’s immortal), and including all the gruesome things along the way. But it is a great book, and I found myself not wanting to put it down, and wanting it to go on. The ending seems to be a set-up for a sequel, which I hope happens. I would love to see if Beck can find his parents or confront the horrors of the place where he grew up.

I don’t have any real complaints about this book, except I don’t think I really understood the Veil. It threw me off a couple of times because I didn’t know if Beck had actually physically moved through it to another time and place, or if it was more of a dream. It almost seemed like sometimes it was one and sometimes the other. Maybe time traveling just didn’t seem like it would fit in this type of novel so my mind processed it as visions. But, it’s not a big deal. The only other thing that really bothered me for a long time was Sean. I pretty much guessed who he was, for the most part, at one point, but he never told Beck the truth until much later. I was so mad that he waited until so many things had happened, and I kept asking why so many times. But then the last chapter had him explain it and I felt better.

Formatting wise, there were some weird things going on with quotation marks in a few places, but it didn’t hurt my reading experience at all.

All-in-all, I definitely recommend this book, especially if you like dark angel/fallen angel/paranormal/angel romance/mm romance/awesome.


April 13, 2011 - Posted by | Reading

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