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Easter Sunday

So… yeah, a little late with my Sunday post. I’ve been busy with family and all that, it being Easter and me having a Catholic family. Yes, I was dragged to church, but I only go about twice a year, so it’s okay (my mom is wonderfully accepting of me being agnostic and respects that I don’t believe the stories in that book that a bunch of mysterious, anonymous men wrote thousands of years ago). I was just really tired and the hymns almost put me to sleep.

Then I hid Easter eggs for my cousins, ages three and five. Well, first I hid them inside because it was raining, then I was told to find them all and hide them, again, outside. Incidentally, one egg is now behind the TV in the living room, because when I hid it I was counting on little hands grabbing it, not my big hands. Not to worry though, they were all plastic eggs with coins and toys inside. No real eggs or candy. No candy is no fun, but I really don’t understand the fun in hunting for actual eggs. There’s nothing inside, why bother? But, I guess if you got prizes for getting the most or certain ones… I still don’t think I’d bother.

I’m happy with what I got in my basket, though. Yes, I still get an Easter basket, and my parents still hide it. Some childhood traditions are hard to let go of, mainly ones where gifts are involved (we also still do a “Santa” thing, where my brother’s and my presents don’t “come” until Christmas morning). I like it, because otherwise you’re too grown up and it’s just plain boring. I got Dance Central for my Kinect, and I’m dying to play it, but my parents are watching shows from the DVR and that’s the one TV with the Kinect. So I sit here eating candy and typing an account of my day that no one is really interested in…

I did get an ARC in the mail yesterday. I was confused at first, because I thought it was a different book and I didn’t remember requesting this one. Then I did. I’m pathetic. I’ll let you know more about it when I actually read it. God, I have so many books to read…

On that note, this song has nothing to do with any of my books… just listen to it anyway.


April 24, 2011 - Posted by | Life, Soundtrack Sunday

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