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Soundtrack Sunday

And updates.

Updates first.

1. I wanted to let everyone who entered the giveaway (thanks, everyone!) know that I will be keeping it open until midnight tonight, and I will e-mail the winner as soon as I can tomorrow. Once I get a response I will make an announcement post to let everyone know. You still have time to enter if you would like.

2. Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome mommy. =)

3. I’m currently reading Impossible by Nancy Werlin, and I FREAKING LOVE IT. Yes, the caps were needed. I’m not kidding. I read the first 100 pages yesterday, and if I get my homework done after going to my grandma’s for brunch I will be reading even more. Oh my god it is so good!

Okay, updates over! I recently heard this song and became obsessed with it. Also, the dancing in the video is pretty awesome. So, I would like to dedicate it to all of my book characters. Because I tend to abuse them, and they deserve some encouragement. The song is “If You Want It” by Orchestral Maneouvers in the Dark (OMD).


May 8, 2011 - Posted by | Life, Reading, Soundtrack Sunday

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