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Broken Review

Goodreads Description

When you wake up in a room full of concerned faces and bright lights, sometimes recollections are the last thing you need.

Broken is a short fictional tale, inspired by the true story of one womans struggle with her own personal realisation.

All she needs is the song to stop.

My Thoughts

I’m happy to say that I was asked by Jemima to read and review this short tale.

“Broken” is a very powerful story of abuse, and overcoming that abuse. It was hard for me to read at first. My heart broke with the pain of the main character, but the triumph at the end had me cheering for her.

The writing is fantastic, though I don’t know the song the character mentions as being stuck in her head. I also don’t know what “seven stone” would be in pounds, since I’m not familiar with European measurements.

I highly suggest everyone read this. It’s short and quick, and it will leave a lasting impression. The author is also donating part of the proceeds to charity.

Rating: 4/5 stars


May 30, 2011 - Posted by | Reading

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