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Nightmare Survival and Other News

Well, the past 24 hours have been a total nightmare for me. At about this time last night my computer was infected by this wonderful Trojan virus that is disguised as an antivirus program. Ironic, huh? It basically blocks you from accessing most of the programs on your computer, runs a fake scan that tells you that you have multiple viruses on your computer (the version I got said 25 infections), and tries to make you pay $60 to purchase the “full version” of the program – after which it annihilates your files so you are even worse off. I figured it was a virus when it wouldn’t let me online even after clicking “proceed unprotected (DANGEROUS).” After trying many things to fix it, including a virus scan in safe mode and using my brother’s laptop to download virus-killing software and copying it to a flash drive, I finally managed to win! Yes, it is immensely helpful when your boyfriend is a nerd and his nerd friends are willing to help you with a “simple fix.” For them, I am grateful. Who knows how much money they saved me. I was ready to take the thing to a computer shop at 9am tomorrow, but I have an online class starting this week that would be difficult to manage without a computer.

In other news, Saturday was also the neighborhood garage sale where my grandma lives. I had my own little table with copies of The Angel (I couldn’t get enough copies of Vows in time) and fliers about the books. I wasn’t expecting to sell much, because garage sales aren’t exactly ideal book marketing events, but I did sell a couple copies. There just wasn’t the usual number of people coming through as there usually is. I think it was too close to graduation time, and several other area neighborhoods were having sales this weekend. I hope the planning is better next year!

Have a look at a few pictures I took:

This is the sign my grandma made and stuck on the outside of the garage.

This is my table, complete with Jolly Ranchers that no one ate.

And this is a lunchtime wonder: a cracker down the side of a stack of crackers, within a fully-sealed package. How did this happen?

On a final note, happy Father’s Day to my awesome dad!

Even though it’s not Father’s Day anymore…

June 20, 2011 - Posted by | Life, The Angel

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