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Soundtrack Sunday and a Movie Review

Last night I saw the movie Super 8, and it wasn’t very good, I must admit. It was written by the same person who wrote Lost, and you can really tell; the same elements that turned me off from Lost made me bored with this movie. Basically, you spend the whole first half of the movie thinking “can you PLEASE tell us what is going on? Even just a hint? Show us the monster?” It wasn’t all that suspenseful, it just became boring the longer the movie went on like that. And it didn’t even answer most of the questions in the end. Yes, we find out it’s an alien, but why did it make dogs run away? Or car lights flicker? Why did it capture people to eat later and not just hunt when it was hungry? What was the military actually using it for? How did they let it get out in the first place? Why were they transporting the cubes? That’s just the start of my questions.

Then, the ending was 100% predictable. The alien understands the boy when he talks to him. The boy understands the alien. Just like ET, the boy helps the alien. The alien goes back home. Happy ending. Until the alien makes it home and tells his world about how cruel the humans were to him and they come back to destroy Earth. But, that will be the sequel.

Anyway… I have hit a roadblock with WIP, so I have been writing some back story for Ryle and Shane. In honor of that, here is a song for them. Enjoy!


June 26, 2011 - Posted by | Life, Soundtrack Sunday, Writing

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