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Sweet Distraction

I feel like I haven’t gotten any writing or reading done in ages. And I haven’t, at least not since Saturday. It’s all this little bugger’s fault!

This is Gibbs (yes, we’re a family of NCIS fans) and he’s the sweetest thing. He is a lab mix, and we think the other part is beagle – he has a beagle tail and his paws aren’t very big.

He came from a shelter in Kentucky where he was going to be put down because he wasn’t adopted, but a NY-based rescue center took him and his brother in. Unfortunately, as soon as we got him we found out that he has kennel cough. Hopefully it clears up soon, now that he’s on meds for it. We also discovered that between the time the vet in Kentucky checked him out and now, he managed to get himself some lovely worms. But we gave him his first dose of heart worm pills and they solved that problem.

I feel so bad for the baby. He is so sweet, and very smart. He already knows that the refrigerator means food (though he doesn’t get any) and that when Mom goes to work he gets a treat. We also don’t let our dogs into the dining room, and after a few times being yelled at and brought out, he knows not to go in there. House training is going okay. He obviously has a few accidents, but he is starting to go to the back door when he needs to go out. He loves to snuggle up to you, too. If you hold him he nuzzled right up against your neck. And he doesn’t bite as much as a lot of puppies I’ve known do.

I’m happy, even if I have only been getting about five hours of sleep a night because I’ve been the primary caregiver. Remind me not to have children!


July 22, 2011 - Posted by | Life

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