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Monday Plug – DailyFeats

In this new weekly feature, I will be taking a moment to promote websites/blogs/games/events/anything I find interesting or useful.

This week I am promoting DailyFeats, a cool site I just joined. On this site, you sign up to do certain things – certain “feats” – and each time you do a feat, you get points. These points can then be used to get prizes. Here’s more from the website itself:

What is DailyFeats?

DailyFeats is a site and app that helps you do good things for your health and happiness. It’ll guide you in doing small but significant actions — or “feats” — that add up to big change. Along the way, you’ll earn points, share with friends, and treat yourself to real-life rewards, motivating you to go do good — every day.

How does DailyFeats work?

DailyFeats helps you build the motivation and momentum you need to make positive change in your life. Whenever you do a feat — from eating fresh fruit to climbing a mountain — check it in at DailyFeats by visiting dailyfeats.com, using our smartphone apps, or just sending a text message. You’ll earn points for every action you check in. Those points add up to real-life rewards, which you and your family can enjoy to celebrate the good things you’ve done! Awesome.

How does DailyFeats help my health and happiness?

Sometimes it’s hard to see the value in small, positive actions; our brains don’t always make the connection between eating a boring salad today and feeling better about ourselves tomorrow. DailyFeats give you that positive boost right away. Then, through challenges, social encouragement, and rewards, DailyFeats keeps that momentum going, so you can build new positive habits. We’ll help you eat better, exercise harder, get more work done, smile more often, and make any other positive change you’d like.

Why does DailyFeats offer rewards?

Rewards are a great way to celebrate the good things you’ve done. Trust us, redeeming your hard-earned points for real-life cash savings is very satisfying. Rewards from DailyFeats’ partners also help us sustain our business, allowing us to offer you the experience of checking in and sharing feats without ever charging you money or blasting you with ads.

How can DailyFeats use social connections?

Social connections are a powerful motivator and an important part of the DailyFeats experience. You can build a Team of friends and family at DailyFeats, who can see your check-ins and give you “props” — positive, encouraging, funny comments that earn you one point each. You can also share your feats on Facebook and Twitter, showing the world the most epic feats you’ve done (it’s rather more meaningful than tweeting about the latest entertainment news). Most importantly, you can give props to others; the DailyFeats community thrives on positive feedback, and by exchanging encouragement with people from around the world you can help build motivation for yourself and others.

Website: www.dailyfeats.com

If you want to be teammates, my name is Nastasha.


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