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Take Action Against Plagiarism

David Boyer. Iron Dave Boyer. Dan Boyer. Doc Boyer. David Byron. Iron Dave Byron. Dan Byron. Doc Burton. David Brookes. Leo Wolfe. Jack Burnett.

Multiple names, one crook. Boyer has been stealing the work of numerous authors and promoting it as his own, and has even moved on to song lyrics recently. Unfortunately, no one has really done anything to stop his scam, despite having been outed as a thief all over the internet. People know to watch out for him, but he has yet to be stopped.

Until now. Boyer’s first victim, Ferrell Rick Moore, has managed to convince the Attorney General in Indiana (Boyer’s home state) to look at complaints about the man. Here is what Moore says on his blog:

In the past, the only recourse a writer had was to file an expensive, time consuming and ultimately unproductive lawsuit against creeps like Boyer who then claim they’re bankrupt. Help me change that. Tell the Attorney General’s office for the State of Indiana how important it is for this plagiarist publisher to be subject to the same penalties as any other crooked business. We want him pursued under Consumer Fraud regulations at their cost, not ours. He’s defrauding consumers by selling them our stuff with his name on it.

Here’s where to send your respectful but firm letters and or emails of support, and be sure to include the File Number File No. 10-CP-62157:

Tom Irons

Consumer Protection Division

Office of the Indiana Attorney General

302 W. Washington St., 5th Floor

Indianapolis, IN 46204



I plan on writing a letter, even if I haven’t been the loser’s victim. What he’s doing is breaking the law, and it’s so frustrating to see people like him getting away with stealing other people’s hard work. Let’s stop this guy before he hurts more people.

I learned about this from Writer Beware.

October 11, 2011 - Posted by | Life, Promoting, Reading, Writing

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