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Writing Something New

So, yes, I am doing exactly what the title says I am doing. I’m writing a novel about my favorite foursome; Coulta, Wildas, Myri, and Anil. And I’m posting it as I go, which is totally, completely new for me.

So, where can you find this?

At my page on GA. It’s a really cool site, by the way. Lots of excellent writing goes on there.

And no, I’m not doing a November book haul post, only because I just got one book. It was Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. And, because there are now exactly zero bookstores where I live (unless I want to drive forty minutes) it was a hassle getting it the day it came out. I went to K-Mart and it wasn’t there. I had to backtrack to get to Target, and there it was, on its nice display. Took my forever to find it, though. Barnes and Noble, why you no take over empty store left by Borders? I feel such sadness, having no bookstores here. I shouldn’t have to buy my books at Target if I don’t want to buy online! Sigh, and end rant.

Clearly, I’m exhausted and should get some sleep. Wait, what is sleep?


December 3, 2011 - Posted by | Book Haul, Vows From Darkness, Writing

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