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Busy, Busy, Bizzzyyy

I thought once November was over I’d have so much more time to catch up here. Obviously, I have been utterly failing at that. Mainly, I’ve just been catching up with reading and school. It’s finals time, then I’m going to have two months off to do nothing – except work!

The first thing I plan to do, when I actually get the time (I have to leave to do my Christmas shopping in, like, five minutes – put that off, too) is catch up on my backlog of reviews that I need to post. So, prepare for that.

I’m also going to catch up on posting King of Blades. I like posting it here, since I’ve been failing at short stories lately, too.

Then I’m going to massively update all pages of this blog. And sidebars. And the Facebook page.

Then I’m going to edit Meant to be Broken and hopefully enter it in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. Haven’t decided for sure if I will, though.

Then I’m going to finish King of Blades. It’s only going to be a novella. Nothing really big.

And I’m probably going to do a lot of other things, too. Like, feed the dogs before I go shopping with Mom.


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