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I haven’t been trying to neglect the blog, but it just happened. I’ve been doing other things, including writing and trying to get ready for transferring colleges. I was honestly going to post a music video yesterday, but I honestly couldn’t think of anything that I wanted to post that I hadn’t posted lately. I’ll fix that at the end of the post, because I stumbled on another fem-metal European band that I now adore.

Anyway, I’ve been posting past short stories on my DeviantArt, and I wanted to nudge my readers over to that site. DA is really awesome, and I suggest checking out some of the people who have left comments on my stories. My way of spreading the love, I suppose. Hey, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, right?

Speaking of, I wrote a V-day story for a writing challenge on Goodreads. It ended up being too long for the challenge, but I’ll be posting it here on the 14th. So come visit then!

Update on Meant to be Broken (henceforth called MtbB): I uploaded it to Createspace yesterday, and was able to order the proof tonight. I’m thinking of a release date of March 1st. I just need to get a cover image…

I think that’s everything… So, I leave you with a song.

And… my favorite ad from Sunday’s big game.


February 6, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Meant to be Broken, Monday Plug, Soundtrack Sunday

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