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Answering the Frequently Asked Question

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So, there’s this question that I get asked quite frequently, and I figured I might as well finally just write a nice long post addressing it.

La question: Why do you constantly read and write stories about gay characters? Do you have some weird obsession? Are you creepy perverted? What is wrong with you?

Okay, so that’s more than one question, really, but they all go together. I choose to answer this with another question; why do straight guys love gay girls?

Meaning, my simple answer is that I like guys. Therefore, what is better than one guy? MORE THAN ONE GUY. TOGETHER.

And no, I’m not a fag hag. I have like, zero gay guy friends. Except a few via Facebook, where our friendship goes as far as commenting on and liking statuses. Sometimes it feels like Facebook is real life, but it’s not. So to the people who think my characters are based off of my real friends… I don’t have any. Friends. At all.


I think.

And no, I have nothing against lesbians. I’m just not attracted to girls so reading lesbian stories feels kinda awkward. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t read one if I found a good one. I mean, I have Shauna and Kiona, for Pete’s sake. And, YES, I am planning on writing a full novel about them like I did with Ives and Tomi in MtbB, I just have multiple other writing projects to get through first. So don’t be all like, “she loves gay boys and hates gay girls rawrrawrrawr.” I’ll hurt you.

Not really.


The other reason is that I don’t like het(erosexual) romance plots. As a single girl, I usually end up feeling lonely and sad after reading a book with a het storyline. Not that there aren’t good ones out there. Hunger Games, for example. And I ignore that aspect of the plotline in The Mortal Instruments, though without Magnus I don’t think I’d be able to. Please excuse me while I have a fangirl moment.


Back. So, yeah, if I wasn’t single I think I’d be more willing to read more het romances. But I doubt that will change any time soon. Until then, my boys shall keep me company. Be jealous.

And I’m sorry this post is so random. I’m just in a really random mood. I went to the gym earlier, enjoyed a nice episode of Criminal Minds, and had some Mountain Dew Voltage. And had a bit of chocolate. Soon I will be granted my turn with the Xbox to play Skyrim. Plus, I have been wanting to just rant this all out for a while now.

Now, /rant.


February 22, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Reading, Writing

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