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On Strange Reading Habits

I have recently come to the conclusion that some of my reading habits are a bit strange…


Habit #1

I read the description just once.

I get recommendations from book blogs and Goodreads, and after I read what the book is about I decide if it sounds like something I’d like to read or not. If I want to read it, I add it to my wishlist and eventually buy it or get it off of PaperbackSwap. I don’t read the description again before I order it, nor when I actually get the book in or before I start reading it. I guess I like being surprised. After all, if the book made it to my wishlist it must have sounded good, why should I remind myself what it’s about?


Habit #2

As soon as I finish chapter one, I read the last paragraph of the book.

I had a teacher who did this every time we had read-alouds, and I guess I really liked the idea. It gives you a feel for how the book is going to end, without actually giving away very much. Though, sometimes I do end up scanning back a page or two…


Habit #3

I pace while I read.

This is probably my strangest habit, but for some reason I just can’t sit still when I read. I constantly pace back and forth in my room, or wherever I happen to be reading. However, I don’t do this when I’m reading in public. When I read in public I just sit there and constantly shift positions. If I sat around while reading at home, though, I bet I’d be one lazy, obese couch potato. At least I get some exercise this way. I have no idea when this started, but I’m pretty sure it was around the end of high school. Actually, now that I think of it, I remember pacing the living room while reading To Kill a Mockingbird, and I read that for class my freshman year. It’s a weird habit, but it’s better than the one I used to have; until probably 5th grade, I always read out loud to myself. And even then, I read my books for school out loud until my senior year when my AP Lit books got somewhat awkward (starting with 100 Years of Solitude, which is full of incest, and which my class re-titled “100 Years of Torture,” because the only thing that kept any of us reading was finding out who would commit incest with which relative next, it dragged on that much). Although, I will sometimes read my textbooks out loud because it helps with processing the information when I’m tired but still need to study.

So those are my strange reading habits. Anyone else have any habits to share?


March 10, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Reading

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