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Soundtrack Sunday and The Hunger Games!!

I saw a movie the day it came out for only the second time in my life, and it was, of course, The Hunger Games.

The friend that I went with was not really a fan to begin with, never having read the books. She didn’t realize how popular it was until we got to the theater and the next two shows were sold out – and it was playing every half hour. She is one of those serious Harry Potter fans, so I tried to explain the popularity this way: “You know how people obsess over Harry Potter because it’s so good? I don’t like comparing things to Harry Potter, but the fandom is kinda like that.”

I’m still not sure she realized it until we ended up forced to sit in the front row of the crowded theater. Yeah, that wasn’t fun. I ended up with a headache, and it was extremely disorienting the way the action scenes were filmed, when you’re watching at that angle.

But the movie was amazing. It’s one of the rare cases when I can confidently say that the book and the movie were about equal in amazingness. Rarely do you get that. My only problem was that you didn’t get the full effect of the fact that Peeta is actually in love with Katniss and that she is just putting on a show. That’s the only thing they could have done better. I also admit that I cried when Rue died. I rarely cry over movies.

So, now my friend wants to borrow the book. Mission accomplished!

And I plan to watch it again in a week or two. When I can get a better seat!


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