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Transformation Review

Title: Transformation

Author: Carol Berg

Published: August 2000, Roc

Source: PaperbackSwap

Goodreads Description:

This classic coming-of-age fantasy is told with a twist — and it’s already gathering praise for its unique voice and imagination…

Enter an exotic world of demons, of a remarkable boy-prince, of haunted memories, of the terrors of slavery, and of the triumphs of salvation.

Enter the incredible new world of Carol Berg…

My Thoughts: First of all, I don’t understand why this was suggested to me based on the fantasy books I’ve read with gay main characters. Not a single character is gay. Aleksander is very involved with his women, and Seyonne had a wife and was only forced into sexual acts with men because of his position of a slave.

So, the relationship between the two wasn’t what I was expecting, which made me slightly disappointed, but it didn’t ruin the book. I found the book extremely enjoyable to read, and I loved how Aleksander changed throughout the story.

The magic was interesting, especially with the ability to create portals into a person’s soul to fight demons. That was very intriguing. I also wasn’t expecting the twist at the end with the Queen and Rhys. It added dimension to those characters, I felt.

All-in-all, a satisfying beginning to the series.

Rating: 4/5


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