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What Stress Does to Me

Well, my classes started this week, and I am super super stressed about the interview I have Friday morning for an internship. So stressed that I can’t do anything productive at all. Nothing. My face hurts from clenching my jaw so hard.

Anyway, in an attempt to de-stress, I started stalking Cassandra Clare’s blog. I have only read the first three books of The Mortal Instruments, and I’m taking a hiatus from reading the series until I either, (a) decide for some reason to keep on reading, or (b) I find out that she fixes this silly Magnus/Alec mess she made. But I stalked her blog to see what she had to say about the Magnus/Alec (I refuse to be a super fangirl, thus, I don’t use “Malec”) situation. This is my conclusion from fairly recent posts.

One fan asked her: any chance we’ll get to meet new guy characters in City of Heavenly Fire? and will they be cute?

Clare answered: You’ll have to wait for Dark Artifices for new hot guys. 🙂 [OK, there may be some cameos from the TDA characters in CoHF. So that counts a bit.]

Another fan asked: in city of heavenly fire, is alec okay? I mean after the break up 😦 — also in the dark artifices, since it isn’t set SO much in the future, will simon and isabelle and alec and jace and clary and magnus and all that jazz be in the dark artifices as well? I mean, as supporting characters.

Clare answered: Alec spends a lot of time drunk-dialing Magnus. Alec is ok.It’s part of being human: you live, you love, you get your heart broken, you go on. Maybe you get that love back and maybe you get a different one. Alec has good friends and family  that love him and that’s what he’s relying on at the beginning of Heavenly Fire. As for Dark Artifices, those cast members of Mortal Instruments who survive will be checked in with — they’ll be twenty-two, twenty-three, years old, so adults, really. The whole bunch of them are not going to hang around, hogging the narrative, because it’s Emma and Julian and Mark and the rest’s story, not theirs, but we’ll know what they’re up to — who’s married, who stayed together, who didn’t…

So, if we look at these answers together, she is basically saying that the characters from the new series will have cameos in the final book of TMI, but there are no new guys added to the cast. Following that same line, the characters from TMI will be making cameos in the next series. She basically hints that something will happen with Alec, because she could have just said, very simply, “you move on.” But look at what she really said. Maybe it’s a character making an appearance from the new series, but writing about a relationship where one half doesn’t have a major part in the story seems pretty freaking difficult.

My opinion: She’s going to fix this mess.

At least, I hope so. Because the other option is that one of them dies.

Worse, they get back together and then one of them dies.

Or they both die.



September 5, 2012 - Posted by | Life, Reading

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