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Wattpad Writer Interview – KrissandraC

Okay, there was a lot more family stuff going on these last couple of weeks than I thought. Those had to come before anything else, so I’m backed up – AGAIN.

Anyway, another GREAT writer has agreed to do an interview with me. Here is the awesome KrissandraC! Enjoy!


1.How did you get started in writing?

“Literally from the time that I learned to write my letters, I learned to read. And when I learned to read, I learned to write stories. My first ‘chapter book’ was at age 7, when I produced a story that was a whopping 15 pages of notebook paper. I can still remember being so excited that I’d made it to 15 pages, with just a few chapters. I can’t remember exactly, but I believe it was called “I’m too young to die,” and was about a girl who died in an accident before her 15th birthday. This makes me laugh, because I’ve NEVER been interesting in stories about pretty rainbows and ponies. By age 9, as I obsessed over the awesomeness of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I started writing my first vampire stories, and so the pattern continued.”


2.What is your favorite genre to write?

“Paranormal romance, by far! I don’t think I could fully enjoy reading a book that doesn’t have at least a little romance in it.”


3.What made you choose to post your writing online? Was it the community? Just the desire to have it available somewhere? Or something else?

“I’ve been talking about publishing a book for years now, but I’ve always battled this fear that I’m not ‘good enough’ of a writer, and it’s been holding me back. Writing is my life’s dream, so when I discovered Wattpad several months ago, I thought, ‘What the heck? I’ll see how my writing is accepted by a larger audience without the stress of being accepted or denied by a publishing house agent.’ This was my chance to see what sort of response my writing initiated in other people (because I NEVER had family or friends volunteer to read my work; I’m the only book worm), and I also hoped to receive some helpful criticism where needed.”


4.What are your favorite genres to read when you’re not busy writing? Favorite books or authors?

“My current favorite series are written by Kelley Armstrong, and they include the Darkest Powers trilogy and the Darkness Rising trilogy. These books are seriously amazing. If you can’t guess by the names of the series, they’re in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, which is by far my most favorite genre to read, alongside paranormal romance. Maggie Shayne is another great author, writing adult paranormal romances that aren’t just sex scenes every other chapter, like some adult romance writers do.”


5.I personally LOVED your story “Bonded.” Did you have any specific inspiration for the story, or did it just start forming in your mind? Vampires are so popular right now, how did you come up with your own concept of them, such as the whole idea of being bonded?

“First, a huge thank you for your support! When I started forming the idea of Bonded in my mind, it wasn’t inspired by the current boom of vampire popularity. For me, vampires have been the center of my creative passion since I was a preteen in the later ’90s. After reading a countless amount of paranormal romances by authors like Maggie Shayne and Christine Feehan, I started to become bored by the run-of-the-mill concept of soul mates. I was inspired to try something different – to put a twist on the whole soul mates concept by asking myself the question, ‘What would happen if you found yourself bonded to someone of the same sex even though you were straight?’ Unfortunately, after I was a few chapters into my book, I stopped writing it for almost a year, thinking that it wasn’t mainstream enough to ever be published. Then, much later when I joined Wattpad, I started seeing an enormous amount of same-sex romances – and here I was thinking that I was alone! Seeing a potential audience, I emerged myself back into the world of Bonded with renewed fervor and finished it in just a couple short months. The number of readers was small at first, but it has been steadily growing each day, and it makes me incredibly happy!”


6.You’ve announced that you plan on trying to get “Bonded” published by publishing house. What made you decide to go that route? How is it going so far?

“My dream has always been to be a published author, so it was never off my mind. As soon as I had a completed novel under my belt, I wanted to try to get it published. However, I was still stumped by what to do with such a nontraditional romance story. I couldn’t very well approach an agent from such publishing houses as HarperCollins, knowing they weren’t targeting my specific audience of readers. So, while I’ve been enjoying the small success of Bonded on Wattpad, I’ve been contemplating what to do with it, and I’ve found a few publishing houses worth sending a query email to. I’m still trying to perfect my one-page synopsis, as that seems to be the most challenging part of it all. I can’t seem to figure out how to squish an entire novel into three to five paragraphs. Once that is finished (hopefully soon), I’ll be sending out my first email!”


7.Where else can you be found online? (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

“Wattpad is currently the only location. My Facebook is private for safety reasons regarding my children, so I won’t be adding Bonded fans any time soon, unfortunately. I suppose I could create a new account, but I can barely find the time to keep up with the one I do have!”


8.Do you have any advice for people just starting to get into writing?

“Finish your novel first, and THEN go back to proofread! Once I embraced this concept, I completed a novel within a few months – as compared to my first novel, which took me a staggering four years to complete! I was always getting caught up in perfection, reading and rereading a couple sentences until I was satisfied (and I was NEVER satisfied). I would often get so caught up in the grammar and flow of my writing that I would lose sight of the bigger story. This, as a result, would cause my writing to not flow very well at all, and my story would become riddled with continuity errors that would take additional time in having to read back through my story to find the facts that I needed to keep things straight.”


9.Do you have any writing routines? Do you need to have specific music playing? Does it need to be a certain time of day? Do you usually have something to drink or munch on?

“Writing routines are why I have such a difficult time writing now that I’m a parent! It’s hard to break free of old routines, and mine were writing very late at night, in the perfect, interruption-free silence, with a bag of salty goodness on the desk. Now, I RARELY have even 30 minutes to myself, and I can’t indulge in late nights because I know I’ll be exhausted the next day when the kids are raring to go by 9 a.m. So, I’ve had to adjust my routine a little, and I’ve become much better at writing with background chaos – but it’s still slow going, simply for the fact that I’m jumping up constantly to attend to the kiddies!”


10.Lastly, anything else you want to say to readers? About anything? Really, anything goes!

“I suppose I’ll just say that I won’t be writing solely same-sex romances – I’m still very much into traditional romances, too! I’m bisexual, so I love exploring both types of relationships. This might come as a disappointment to the fans whom I’ve already accumulated, since a lot of them might favor manxman romances. But I hope to never lose any of them! :-)”



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