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About Nastasha

Nastasha is a book-crazy twenty-something college student majoring in accounting at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. She developed a love for books in the early grades, and by the time she reached junior high she was writing. She still remembers that it was December 24th, 2004 when her first serious attempt at novel writing began. She still holds a fondness for her first characters, but she has since put them to rest. The majority of her newer writings involve GLBT themes, especially m/m relationships, because writing about straight characters has become too boring (also, she finds heterosexual romances make her feel lonely and depressed). She blames this love for GLBT fiction on the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling, which she stumbled upon in high school. In 2007, while in 11th grade, she began writing what would become the first novel she was truly serious about – The Angel, which was published in May 2010. After that, she returned to the fantasy world of her first stories for her second novel, Vows From Darkness – published in March 2011. She plans to continue writing in both worlds.

When she’s not writing – or studying – Nastasha can usually be found with her nose in a book. Recently, she’s been trying her hand at writing reviews and has found that she enjoys expressing her opinions on what she reads. Because she always needs more books to read, and because she wants to connect with other writers, Nastasha is happy to do reviews, host book tours, and participate in author interviews and guest posts. You can contact her at stashlab{at}gmail{dot}com or connect with her via:





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