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Character Chat with Seth Salvador-Knight

Today I launch yet another new feature: Character Chat, which will be a weekly event (every Thursday). I begin by talking to Seth from The Angel, and I encourage you to add your own questions in the comments. If you have any questions you’d like any of the other characters to answer, please feel free to either ask them in the comments, or e-mail me at stashlab(at)gmail(dot)com. I would love to use your questions for future chats!

Let’s begin.

So, Seth, what have you been up to since we left off at the end of The Angel?

Nothing much, really. Mostly I’ve been going to school, piling up student loans, and trying not to go crazy.

Also, to be honest, the title of “The Angel” would not have been my first choice…

Sorry, it was the working title I had for it, and unfortunately it just stuck. But it works, okay? Good. So, what are you going to school for?

Education. I really want to be a middle school teacher. The thought of teaching and helping kids is really appealing to me.

I thought you’d be good at something like that. Great choice. How are things with Eirianna? Still going strong?

We’ve had our rough spots, but yes. She’s been going to school out of state – she wants to be a school councilor, by the way – so I don’t get to see her nearly as much as I’d like to. But we talk almost everyday.

Any thoughts about getting more serious?

When we’re both done with school, maybe. Probably.

You’ve been thinking about it?

Of course. Why wouldn’t I? It’s why I’ve decided to change my last name sometime soon. I know how much it sucks to have such a long last name, and it’s not something I want to make Eiri or our future children deal with.

Oh? How do your parents feel about that? What are you changing it to?

I haven’t told them yet, and I haven’t decided what I’m going to change it to yet either. I’m pretty sure they’ll be okay with it, since my plan is to combine their names somehow. There’s just so many combinations I could make that I’m nowhere close to making a final decision.

How is your family doing, by the way? They were a huge part of the book.

Great. Da has had a real full-time job for over a year now. Pa got promoted. Jessa is doing well in school. She’s hoping to be on the archery team when she finally gets to high school. I still live at home and commute the forty minutes to school everyday – free food and laundry, and I watch Jessa after school. She likes to help me with my assignments for all of my education classes.

The neighbors are still no better to us. Oh well, I guess. Eiri is doing really well, even though she was originally nervous about going away to school. She rarely reports any nightmares to me anymore, which means she’s having very few of them. Kiona is going to school for something to do with conservation somewhere in-the-middle-of-nowhere-NY. I see her when she comes home every few weekends and on breaks. Shauna is putting herself through community college and is still living with Kiona’s parents. Everything is going well for those two. Tomi and Ives, too. They’re going to the same community college as Shauna and living together in an apartment across the street from campus. Last I knew, Ives was cleaning and working as some sort of errand boy at a big tattoo parlor and Tomi was stocking shelves at the local grocery store to pay rent. I haven’t seen Nelson, Leigh, or Lech in ages. I know they all went out of state to school, but I haven’t talked to them in months, at least. I hope to catch up with Nelson if he comes home this summer, so he can help Jessa learn to shoot a bow better than I can teach her.

And about me? My shoulder is still stiff most mornings and I don’t have the same range of motion as I used to. Other than that, I’m happy.

I think I covered everybody. More than my family, though, sorry.

That’s fine. You actually answered all my remaining questions with that last one. So I guess we’re done here. Thank you for stopping by!


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