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Unfortunately, I have decided to close down this blog. I just don’t have time anymore.

If you want to see reviews I write, you can find me on Goodreads.

I will also be making new individual sites for my writing. I will post those here as I do it.

Here is my Tumblr for my YA writing.

Thanks everyone.


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Post-Storm Update

That was not as bad around here as most other places in New York. The central part of the storm passed us by, thankfully. Did cause some issues this morning, though. At least we still have all of our trees intact and the creek out back didn’t try to drown us.

NaNoWriMo starts on Thursday! Yay! I’m still struggling to come up with a title for mine… I am once again using November to finish something I started over the summer, like last year with MtbB. I think I’ll do this every year. Yay for being a rebel! They should make NaNo Rebel tee-shirts… By the way, feel free to be my buddy!

And it’s that time of year… voting! And by that, I mean for the Goodreads Choice Awards (though election voting is also a very good idea).

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Hi Sandy, Nice to Meet You, Now GO AWAY

After I get a day off from classes tomorrow. I really do not want to commute 40 miles in this weather. I just want to stay home in a nest of blankets with some hot chocolate (if we lose power I will make a fire in the fireplace and boil water the real old school way), and the books I want to finish reading. Goal is to stay home as much as possible. Staying safe and dry so far. Hoping if we lose power it comes back before NaNo starts. Yay NaNo!

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Musical Observations

I just stumbled across the group Imagine Dragons, and I really like them, but while listening to them on YouTube I discovered something interesting about this video for “It’s Time.”

It reminds me quite a bit of this video, which is for another song by another band I adore.

Kind of makes me wonder if Imagine Dragons is a fan of Woodkid.

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Finals are over, let the summer begin!

Aside from working for the money I will need to use to buy textbooks in the fall, I plan on doing a number of writing-related thingers.

Yes, thingers. It’s a very technical term.

Anyway, here’s what I plan to do this summer:

  1. Overhaul the blog: get rid of old links, update areas where needed, possibly change the layout (haven’t decided yet if I want to)
  2. Get a cover done for MtbB: because I wanted to publish it months ago but things just did not go as planned
  3. Finish King of Blades: because I need to
  4. Work on another story I have planned and that will be 100% written via blog: as a change
  5. Plan my next NaNo: because November will be here very quickly

I must kick myself to get all of this done before September. Begin!

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Oh Wow

This is something I just found out about, and I can’t not share it with you guys. I live near Rochester, NY, where the Wegman’s chain of grocery stores was started, and it’s something of a source of pride for us. Just like Kodak also was, before it started going under… Anyway, recently a group of students at Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough, Massachusetts, created a musical – about Wegman’s. At first it’s almost silly to think of students performing a musical about a grocery store, but then you look at how that reflects on the store itself. Wegman’s clearly has an impact on the people in the communities it comes to. It’s impossible to go anywhere in the Rochester area without seeing a Wegman’s store, and there are many, many people who never shop anywhere else. It really is a great store, with a huge selection of EVERYTHING, and an amazingly diverse array of choices in the hot food dining area. Thinking that there are other people in the country just experiencing for the first time what I take for granted on a daily basis is just incredible. And to see people becoming this dedicated and smitten with the place, well, it makes me proud to come from the place that started it all.

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Today was just…

Not fun.

I had two tests today, then I got rear-ended just two minutes after leaving campus. The guy in the car in front of me decided to slam on his brakes. I was lucky I managed to stop before hitting him, but the girl behind me wasn’t so lucky. In her defense, the roads were a bit slippery, as Mother Nature decided to throw some early-Spring snow at us today. My car was fine, as was I. Her car was not.

In better news, I am about to finish reading Lord of the White Hell by Ginn Hale tonight. I am really loving this book, and I already can’t wait to get the sequel into my greedy hands. So, in expectation of finishing the last ten pages or so after I get my homework done tonight, here’s an update to my reading stats:


Total books read: 11

Total pages read: 4675 (Kindle ebooks not included)

Days in the year: 82

Average pages read per day: 57.0


As you can see, my pages per day rate has gone down by over 2 pages. School likes to interfere with my reading life! And my writing life, come to think of it…

On a final note, check out this adorable commercial I just saw for the first time:

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